Key Secrets To Great Wedding Hair

Key Secrets To Great Wedding Hair

It can be very overwhelming when trying to decide on what style to pick for your wedding day. We rounded up the best bridal prep advice to help guide you to the perfect style. 



When searching for inspiration photos, consider the following:

- Reference pictures should be the same colour as your own. If you have dark hair and your inspiration picture is blonde, you won’t get the dimension and depth as the picture.

- How well does your hair hold a curl - would it be better to put it up?

- How long/thick is your hair - would you need extensions to achieve more length and fullness?



It’s important to consider all elements, this helps the direction of how your hair should compliment your look.

- The neckline of your dress

- Material of your dress

- What’s the style of your dress:

classic, romantic, dramatic

- Where you would like the veil to sit


You want to look like the absolute best version of yourself, be dictated by your personal style and what makes you comfortable.



Select a stylist you feel 100% confident working with, that has a portfolio you love and matches your vision. 

- Book a trial or virtual trial. Discuss your vision and gain advice on what may not work, what may need tweaking and preview your final look. 

- If you haven’t book a hairstylist for the entire day, and you intend to take your veil off, get your stylist to show a bridesmaid or friend how to remove the veil without messing up the style. 

- Most stylists include a small hair kit in their packages. After spending a few hours in the wind or sun taking pictures it’s always good to have a hair kit for quick touch ups. 

Deep breaths. You're good!

By the time you walk down the aisle, you are going to look and feel absolutely beautiful.

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