Brazilian Keratin Evolution

Brazilian Keratin Evolution

The Secret to Healthy, Shiny, Smooth Hair – Evolution Keratin.

Evolution Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment is a revolutionary treatment that softens, smoothes, straightens and takes away the frizz and, most importantly, gives you strong, radiant hair. Evolution Keratin is the only Hair Smoothing Therapy Line infused with natural argan oil, vitamins, and proteins activated by dual performance formulas with exclusive technology for greater keratin absorption. This pioneering Hair Smoothing Therapy Line restores damaged and chemically treated hair to its natural state.

The key ingredient of this treatment is Keratin, the primary protein of skin, hair, and nails. Keratin, which comprises approximately 88% of your hair, is a natural substance that gives hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny, smooth and conditioned state. So, not only do we now have a sophisticated Keratin, but EVOLUTION KERATIN has the added advantage of the infusion of Argan oil from Morocco.

Evolution Keratin has taken the utmost care to provide customers with totally hassle-free hair.

Our keratin hair treatment products leave the hair shiny, smoother, healthy and beautiful for 3-5 months. After this period, your hair will be back to its original natural state. In fact, because this treatment for Brazilian hair smoothing is designed to make the bonds of your hair stronger for a long period of time, your hair will appear even more lustrous and healthier than before. This is the beauty of Evolution Keratin. We Advice to use our recommended aftercare to keep treatment lasting longer.

The Process

  1. Cleansing the hair,
  2. Applying the product and
  3. Sealing the Keratin.

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